Meteor Amps
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The Meteor Harp Amp

This is it folks. You've found the home of the only REAL harp amp. The Meteor amp is a pure tone monster with 50 watts of pure useable tube tone. The four 6V6's produce a sound that is warm and overdriven like a harp amp is supposed to be. The note definition of the Meteor is crystal clear and never lost even when the amp is set up to be over compressed.

Every Meteor is made of the highest quality American made parts available one at a time. The circuit board is cut from sheet, all eyelet holes are individually drilled and staked one at a time. The boards are then laced with Mallory 150 series cap's, carbon comp resistors, Sprague "atom" electrolytics and finished off with vintage style cloth wire. The custom laser cut aluminum chassis is then assembled using custom wound Heyboer transformers, stainless steel fasteners and the attention to detail that every amp deserves. The chassis is bottom mounted into a solid pine cabinet with all dovetail joints for years of rock solid durability. The control's of the meteor are top mounted up front where the player is in a custom laser cut stainless steel control panel. The control panel is an integral part of the speaker baffle on the meteor which is covered in a cain grille cloth which accents the brown tweed perfectly.


50 watts
four 6V6 power tubes
three 12AY7 pre amp tubes
5AR4 rectifier
one 12" and two 10" weber speakers
"meat" control
25" tall x 22-1/2" wide x 8-1/2" deep tapering down to 11" deep at the bottom
50 pounds


$1950.00 plus shipping
custom colors start at an additional $150 depending on grille cloth
over 100 tweed colors available

Mini available for $1450.00