Meteor Amps
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Meteor AmpsThe amp on the left belongs to my good friend, Tom Townsley. Not sure why, but purple was the color for him.

The amp on the right is a standard Meteor in brown tweed.
This amp was custom built for Rick Estrin. This baby is a one of a kind. I found the fabric in an old upholstery shop. The owner let me dig through his storage area from years long past. No more of this stuff around. Meteor Amps
  Meteor Amps
Meteor Amps Same purple amp of Tom's as above, just different angles.
Meteor Amps  
Meteor in black Tolex. I built just a couple tolex Meteors. I no longer cover amps in tolex, but I do have over 100 custom tweed colors available. Meteor Amps
  Meteor Amps
Meteor AmpsThe "cockpit"!! The controls on the Meteor allow a tonal variation that will blow your mind, with volume that's hard to believe.
Meteor AmpsThis is the heart of Meteor Amps. I build each amp from scratch. Every board is cut from sheet, every eyelett is drilled one at a time and the eyelets are stalked one at a time. People always say that I'm too anal. That's ok with me. Each amp deserves the same love and attention as the next.
Meteor AmpsThis one speaks for itself. Kim Wilson owns 2 Meteor Amps. The first one was made before I was even in production and has the controls labeled in marker, and a mural drawn on the grille cloth by Kim's girlfriend Amanda.
Meteor AmpsKim let Amanda choose the color for this amp. At first I thought they were nut's, but in the end I thought it looked pretty good. This is the same amp that Kim's using in the audio and video samples.
Meteor AmpsThis is my original Meteor prototype. It's one of the ugliest amps I've owned, but it still sounds great. All of the autographs were added at Jerry Portnoy's 60th birthday party. What a great memory!