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About 15 years ago a friend was visiting my house. He was excited to show me this new "toy" that he had and what he could do with it. With a little example and some slight instruction I took his "toy" and duplicated what he had done. My friend was a little aggravated so he showed me another example with a bent note. Again I was able to duplicate what he had done almost instantly. The toy was a harmonica and my friend was just a little frustrated. He then told me to "keep the damn thing" and gave me the book that he had with it.

Over the past 15 years the harmonica has really taken hold of me. I realized a long time ago that I would never make it as a touring musician but I wanted to stay connected. As somewhat of a joke I started building custom microphones called the Slap-O-Matic. This was fun and it made me a couple bucks. More importantly it allowed me to meet and keep in contact with others like myself, Harmonica players. The Slap-O-Matic lasted for about 2 years. The parts became hard to obtain so I ventured into amplifiers. Initially I wanted to have an amplifier made that would suit my taste in amplified tone. I hired a tech to build it for me but realized after about 2 years that he just didn't get it.

Now the fun begins. I took my prototype from the tech and tried my own hand at it. I've always been mechanically inclined and I have the ability to read and retain anything that interests me. I tried everything and made some great amps but I still didn't make that elusive amp that I had dreamed about. You know the one. The old Little Walter sessions where the amp sounded like it was on the verge of blowing up when he dug in but it sounded so nice and brown when he laid back. Well a few months later I made some drastic changes. I had finally found that elusive sound. I had also built an amp with huge stage volume and a huge tonal palette.

My intention was never to become a harp amp manufacturer. I wanted a great amp and the ability to make a few for friends and some other players. The word caught on and next thing you know..... here I am. Since the final stages of prototyping the Meteor has remained unchanged. What's next ??? Hopefully within the next 6 to 8 months we'll be seeing a smaller version of the Meteor. The Mini Meteor is now available for purchase!!!

Here's what one of our customers had to say about the Mini Meteor: "The amp rocks! It's explosive... reminds me of a motorcycle I had years ago -- a Kawasaki 350, 2 cycle, 3 cylinder, that wanted to jump off the ground everytime I gave it some gas!"
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